Wall rail bracket sets

  • Nylon polyamide PA6, impervious to ageing and tensile relaxation
  • Shock protection, prevents premature expansion in the event of push-through installation
  • Sound damping rubber outer sheath, reduction up to 15.5 dB
  • Vulcanised as a whole
  • Aesthetic finish
  • Optimised set for each industry/application
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Grouped product items
Product description Packaging Packed per Quantity Price Per
  • 0500802015
  • Diameter (mm) 8 Length (mm) 60 Diameter plug (mm) 10 Plug length (mm) 52 Connection M8, TX25 Boordiameter (mm) 14
  • 0500802015

Tip! Order an original rack box with x number of boxes!

Why order a shelving box?

Avoiding air and/or superfluous (plastic/cardboard) filling material, transport damage and sorting of goods.

Product info
  • pre-fitted mounting, Screw mounting, SDS drilling, Diamond-ground drills
  • The reduction or prevention of contact noises due to devices and pipes that cause vibration or sound|Ideally suited as a fastener for installations that are subject to a dynamic load such as stairs and banisters in soft build
  • Nylon PA6 with rubber outer sheath|Electrolytically galvanized
  • Aerated concrete, Hollowcore floor slabs - composite fl, Plaster blocks, Poriso
  • Concrete, Full sand-lime brick - silicate stone, Insulated concrete panels
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